Capabilities Include:
  • -3D CAD Drawings
  • -CFAST
  • -Heat Transfer Calculations and Burn Modeling
  • -Fire Dynamics Simulator, FDS

Western Fire Center has the latest state-of-the-art computer hardware and software to perform complex computer fire modeling and animation. The fire models are created using a combination of the following:
  • -Customized CAD software which enables rapid geometry development
  • -In-House material properties testing. (ICAL)
  • -Empirical data from full-scale fire testing. (Calorimeter Hood)
  • -High Performance, Linux OS, Computational Cluster
  • -The latest release of the Fire Dynamics Simulator(FDS), from the National Institute of Standards and Technologies(NIST)The results of these computer simulations come back from the clusters in various formats.

*Raw data is returned in text file (CSV) format. This data can be used for graphing such things as Heat Release Rate, Temperature, Oxygen, CO, CO2, etc. over time. These data sets are compared to data acquired during real-world fire testing, to provide validation of the simulation's results.

The models also provide, as standard output, a 3D animated model that can let the fire scientist examine the simulation from any angle. Many variables such as surface temperatures can be visualized in the model and examined by fire experts. These animations and still images can then saved to many formats such as DVD or VHS tape for easy presentation.These animated video productions are very effective in the courtroom, providing the jury with easy to understand fire scene scenarios. Providing the expert a valuable tool in communicating his opinion and results. Computer modeling can predict a fire's behavior under the specific conditions entered in the computer. The results of these complex models can then be animated for accurate simulations of a fire.