Western Fire Center, Inc. (WFCi) was started in June of 1994 by James A White Jr. and James H. Heywood. In 1997, James White became the sole owner. Most of the original staff, including the owners, came from the Weyerhaeuser Fire Technology Unit. They purchased much of their starting equipment from Weyerhaeuser.In 2000, WFCi added a fabrication shop Western Fabrication Center as a sister company. This addition has been a tremendous advantage for WFCI, as we can get custom-made testing equipment, items for litigation reconstructions, and whatever else becomes necessary during testing made to exact specifications and delivered far more quickly than would have been possible otherwise.Our knowledgeable staff has 30 years of experience in the fire testing and certification business. We continue to grow and expand our list of testing capabilities and roster of satisfied clients. Western Fire Center Inc. has the advantage of having a fabrication business as an auxiliary organization. Western Fabrication Center, started in 2000, creates custom testing equipment, materials necessary for full-scale litigation reconstructions, and whatever other materials become necessary to testing to exact specifications whenever necessary, and delivers them to us much faster than would be possible otherwise. Western Fabrication has created many pieces of equipment that are used in WFCi testing and has also made testing equipment for other laboratories. Any time WFCi needs to have something made for testing purposes, we don’t have to look far. Western Fire Center is run by a knowledgeable group of engineers, technicians, and fire scientists. The staff of WFCi has degrees in chemical and fire protection engineering, physics and a long history of experience in fire testing and litigation support. They have published and presented on materials fire performance and assorted fire protection issues.

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WFCi Involved in Creating a New Standard! WFCi has been working as part of the Wildland Fire Task Group to develop a new test standard to assist in preventing fires in urban wildland settings. An article detailing a recent award of merit given to James A White, Jr. from the ASTM website. The the PSSC website on using clusters like WFCi’s for computational fluid dynamics. Some local news articles from past editions of The Daily News, in Longview, Washington. Click HERE to view WFCi’s trifold testing brochure. Click HERE to view WFCi’s full 6 page portfolio testing brochure. Western Fire Center Inc. (WFCi) is the only large-scale fire test facility in the Western United States.