Fire Testing Litigation Services at WFCi

Fire testing is a necessary step in preparing any fire-related case for trial or potential settlement. Only through in-depth testing in a laboratory environment can the theories, opinions, and conclusions relating to any fire ignition scenario be proven in a litigation setting. Only after intensive fire testing is an attorney able to effectively evaluate the viability of a claim and, overall, decide if any additional investigation is required.Personnel at Western Fire Center, Inc., have years of experience with all kinds of litigation testing, including full-scale re-creations like the one pictured above. There are no limits to the types of testing that we can do to assist you with your fire-related case.When WFCi handles a case, our opinions are not presented to the jury using complicated reports or confusing technical jargon. Our research and test data is typically presented using professionally produced DVDs, graphical data, and animated models. These presentations show the activity of the fire reproduction in precise detail and make the subject easy to understand for everyone who watches.We are equipped with all of the latest, cutting-edge technology in the field of fire modeling and animation. With the data gained from our lab tests, we can re-create the entire ignition scenario, in great detail and from any angle, to shed light on what really happened at the scene.Many expert witnesses exist in the area of fire research who have no laboratory with which to run the tests necessary to back up their claims. Similarly, there are a number of fire testing laboratories that lack an expert witness with extensive litigation experience. Western Fire Center Inc. is proud to be one of the very few organizations to offer both litigation necessities in the same package.